Keto and Paleo Zone

This area shows how the evidence for how Keto and Paleo diets can work in a Vegan context.

The Vegan Paleo area highlights the wisdom and natural eating habits of indigenous people with a sustainable Vegan lifestyle. It also shows how a Keto Diet can be vegan. Whilst sustainability is a key part of Veganism, given that it has the lowest environmental footprint of all, the Vegan Paleo area will take it a step further, highlighting how our whole fragile ecosystem can be restored by living as close to nature as possible. The area will be educational with models showing photos and replicas of fossils showing plant food remains on the teeth of Palaeolithic, Neanderthal, Java and Cro-Magnon humans. Interactive and educational scale models and displays of the human digestive system comparing it to carnivorous and herbivorous animals will also be displayed in this area.