Indigenous Zone

Showcases the Australian bush-food, plants as well as the little known agriculture of Australia's Indigenous people.

The Australian Indigenous Zone educates the public by presenting the evidence showing how the Indigenous people of Australia were more gatherers and agriculturalists and less hunters. Over 80% of Australia has been classified as being to arid and inhospitable to live. However this area shows that the Australian Aboriginals knew where much of the bush tucker grows. Often in the most arid of all places which are some of the most drought resistant plants in the world.
Many of our rivers like the Murry-Darling are running dry due to animal agriculture. It can take up to 100 times more water to produce 1 kg of animal protein compared to 1kg of plant protein. Focusing on more sustainable ways to eat has never been more important than right now. This area highlights the wisdom and natural eating habits of indigenous people with a sustainable Vegan lifestyle.

Indigenous plants that provide indigenous plant food will be on display as well as videos, laminated posters books and other resources in the area. This year we will be highlighting and developing further the projects by various indigenous groups adopting ancient indigenous agriculture techniques.