Green Warriors at World Vegan Day

This year, we are making sustainability a key priority

Their future is
in our hands

Let’s all shape the future by
incorporating sustainable habits

Join us!

How are we tackling our Waste

  • Waste Management

    Look out for our colour-coded bins and help us separate waste correctly.

    Red - General Waste

    Yellow - Rinsed co-mingled recyclables

    Green - Food & Organic

    Blue – Glass

  • Eco-Packaging

    The festival attracts over 200 stallholders and we believe in supporting them by sharing sustainable practices. This year we partnered with Greenpack and Bettercup offering eco-friendly packaging solutions. Keep an eye out for WVD tumblers and for compostable packaging!

  • Education

    Come visit our Green Warriors Booth #G5 to get your reusable cups as well as receive sustainability tips to learn about our efforts in reducing waste and how practices can be implemented at home. We can all make a difference!

  • Water station

    We encourage BYO water bottles & containers to save on packaging waste. There are drinking and rinsing stations to fill up your bottles and rinse your containers to continue enjoying all the delicious food and beverages at WVD!

  • Transport

    There are plenty of ways to reach WVD and save on emissions: public transport, carpooling or riding a bike. The Public Transport Victoria is also providing more trams between 9:45 am to 7 pm and we have extra bike racks set up on the day.

  • Community

    The City of Melbourne supports WVD since the very start. We are committed to improving how we run WVD and lower our environmental impact. Help us by embracing our new sustainable practices here.